I just wanted to give a preview of things to come regarding the Explorer Fitness blog.  This post will detail some of the recurring themes that I will have and give you a better idea of what to expect. There will be three categories that you can anticipate at least one post a week from.

The first is “Wellness Explorers.”  This is where I will post a question that I was asked directly or a topic that I feel needs to be discussed.  It is adopted from a column that I used to write for UM called “Ask a Trainer.”  The format will be a short question followed by an answer comprising a few paragraphs.

The second is “Fitness Facts.”  These posts will be a short blurb, maybe a sentence or two on something related to fitness, wellness, or nutrition.  It may be something that I came across reading in an article, textbook, or heard at a conference.  Basically, it will be a piece of information that I feel is pertinent to share with this blog.

The third recurring category is “Wellness Motivation.”  I will fill this with motivation quotes.  If you have ever walked around campus, some are hung on the walls.  I may describe what I enjoy most about a particular quote.  I will also provide a brief description of the person quoted.  Feel free to comment on how each quote relates to you or what you feel it is trying to say.

Other posts will relate to nutrition, exercise tips, and information pertinent to students and parents at Christopher Columbus High school.

I will get started today.  I implore you to share this blog with family and loved ones.  Hopefully we can get a good following of faculty, students, alumni, and parents.  This will promote the idea of wellness throughout the Christopher Columbus school.  Let’s get the most use out of this facility and establish a zest for a healthy lifestyle.


Active Mind. Active Body.

Josh Cantor