I am going to put this topic out there because I informed a number of students in the gym yesterday and I want the rest of you to read this.

How should a person breathe while doing resistance training?

The most important aspect is to simply remember to breath. Holding your breath while lifting weights is a serious health risk. This is referred to as the Valsalva Maneuver. The health implications include limited oxygen and a significant increase in blood pressure.

The most effective way to breathe while weight training is the exhale upon exertion. In other words, breathe out when the exercise is more difficult. For example, if you were performing a squat you would inhale as you go down and exhale on the way up. Exhaling during the exertion phase will activate the core and help to produce more power.

When you begin to incorporate this into your routine, it may feel strange but as you continue it will become second nature. Also, if you are aware that your breathing rate is off, relax. It is best to put the weights down, take a deep breath in and then begin your exercise again with proper breathing.