How much fruit do you eat?  Is it fresh, frozen, organic?  Do you eat it by itself or as part of a meal?

The daily recommended fruit consumption is 2 cups.  Fruits are a necessary part of the human (and animal) diet. The sugars in fruit provide a vital energy source.  Also, the vitamins are important for healthy living.  

Now, some fruits lead to a gassy, bloated feeling; these include peaches, prunes, apples, and pears.  But what you may not know is that consuming fruits with other foods may play a part in that. 

Fruits, which are digested in the intestines, pass through the stomach without processing.  If they are eaten with other foods (sugar, fats, breads, milk, and meats) fruits may be delayed in the stomach causing fermentation (rotting). If you have digestive difficulties with fruits, consider consuming them alone, or waiting at least one hour before eating another food group.

In closing, be sure to get your daily servings, but keep the timing of ingestion and paired foods in mind.