Recently, the Mediterranean Diet is receiving high praise from fitness professionals everywhere; from the positive changes in your lipid profile to the increasing lifespan and quality of life, it seems as though only good things occur.  I’m here to clue you in on one aspect of this diet that has benefits outside of the kitchen.  Olive Oil is a large part of the Mediterranean Diet.  Use in salads and food preparation can have beneficial health results, for contains oleic acid (which helps to protect the heart) as well as high amounts of antioxidants and vitamin E.  But this article will focus on the off label uses.

We will start with aesthetics and personal hygiene.  Olive oil is great to use for skin treatment.  Because it is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, it is a highly effective component in neutralizing free radicals. Olive oil also helps balance your skin’s moisture. Its unique relationship with water allows olive oil to help moisturize without clogging pores.  It is also great to use on cuticles and nails either before a cutting them or simply to moisturize.  If you find yourself without any shaving cream, don’t fret, olive oil is a great substitute.

Olive oil is also helpful around the house.  It can be used to help limit the squeaking of rusty door hinges.  You can apply it to furniture and stainless steel silverware as polish. Not only that, It can be used to shine your shoes.

Since it can be used to remove gunk and rust from furniture and hinges, this property can be applied to cleaning your hands and hair.  Olive oil can be used when you want to get paint or other oils off of your skin.  It is also helpful to remove gum that may get stuck on the bottom of your shoe or even in your hair.

I wanted to bring this to your attention because of the information that is presented in America.  Low-fat diets are all the craze.  I agree that olive oil does pack the proverbial punch in terms of calories, at 119 per tablespoon, but we can’t forget the benefits.  It is a good additive in recipes, marinades, and part of the food preparation in general.  Just be sure to consume olive oil in moderation.  Of course, what you have left, you can use to keep your skin clear, or even polish that old bench.