Since beginning my work at Christopher Columbus High School, I have become more acquainted with the growth and maturity of adolescent boys.  During my education at the University of Miami, I took multiple classes on this topic, but it’s the experience of working with young men that has really taught me a number of things.  I want to talk about one factor of psychological maturity that is essential in the teens and is often forgotten in the later years.  This one trait is arguably the most important part of living a successful life.

Self-confidence can influence everything from how you dress to the frequency and type of goals that you set.  During the growth process, this can separate the more outgoing kids from the introverted ones.  It is the reason why some kids set the trends, and others emulate.  The fact of the matter is that while most of us can improve, self-confidence must be addressed with everyone.

But what activities will increase self-confidence?  One for sure is exercise.  The more you engage in scheduled exercise program, the better you feel about yourself.  Another aspect of psychological growth comes from improved self-efficacy.  Knowing that you are the only one lifting or pulling the weight greatly enhances your level of personal achievement.  An exercise program is also a great way to set goals.  The more that you achieve goals, the better you will view your abilities to accomplish tasks.  This will boost your confidence.

Another great way to improve self-confidence is participation in sports programs.  The important factor here is to stress the value of skill improvement and personal development.  The worth of sports shouldn’t be placed solely on winning.  A personal improvement will undoubtedly heighten levels of self-confidence in a loss than lack of development in a win.

Even though the term implies personal factors, self-confidence also applies to how one deals with others.  It is the more confident person who will ask for help or guidance.   It will also be the confident person who is willing to offer assistance to another person.

Self-confidence is a vital aspect of the psychological makeup of a successful person.  Whether it entails success in sport, in school, or in life, individuals need to believe in their ability to succeed.  Be sure to employ the practices that will boost your levels.