I’m not getting sore after I lift anymore.  Am I still getting a good workout?

A common misconception in the fitness industry is that muscle soreness is the sole indicator of a great workout. However, muscle soreness is not a prerequisite for muscle growth or a great workout! In fact, muscle soreness should rarely be your goal.  Many experts suggest that a certain amount of damage seems to be required for maximum hypertrophy (muscle growth). But the damage need not be so intense that you regularly encounter soreness.  During the initial phase of training, some degree of soreness will most likely be experienced. To minimize soreness, warm up before exercise, do not over emphasize eccentric contractions (lengthening of the muscle) and begin with a low to moderate whole body approach, progressing to greater intensities.

You may want to consider how long you have been on the current exercise routine.  Changing something (i.e. weight, stability requirements, rep scheme, or rest intervals) may produce a more effective exercise session.