In a recent scientific breakthrough, scientists have isolated a hormone that is directly related to how exercise both utilizes fat tissue and decreases the risk for major diseases. 

Scientists from the Aston Research Centre for Healthy Ageing in the UK recently published their findings.  The hormone Irisin is capable of reprogramming the body’s fat cells to metabolize (use energy) as opposed to storing it.  The metabolism of both fatty acids and glucose is an important factor in preventing diabetes.  Simply put, the more fat you metabolize, the lower your risk of obesity.

Irisin also plays a role in the chromosomes.  Telomeres, located at the end of each strand of chromosomes, have been well documented for years.  Scientists know that shorter telomere length, (evidence of cell replication) is linked to age-related diseases such as cancer, heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.  This recent study found a significant correlation between elevated levels of Irisin and telomere length.  The understanding that exercise helps one live longer is well known; however this new information is groundbreaking. 

There is now a molecular link between exercise and the aging process.  As you exercise and release Irisin, it is helping you to maintain a younger biological age.  Even as the hours and days pass, your body can function optimally as it did in your youth.  Be sure to hit the gym soon to encourage release and activation of this ever important hormone.