It has been quite some time since the last post.  I want to begin today with a quote that I read the other day. I think that it is vitally important to not only share, but also spend some time describing how this applies to both Columbus High School and your exercise routine.

“Integrity is the essence of everything successful.” – Buckminster Fuller

The quote comes from a great American architect, designer and author.  Someone as establish as Mr. Fuller must have strong morals and work ethic.  He/she must also be cooperative, open-minded and intelligent.  While each of these personality traits are different, integrity covers them all.  I like to define integrity as the opposite of hypocrisy.  Integrity is personally fulfilling the goals and expectations one has for others. Integrity is when a teacher expects his students to turn in assignments on time and then grades them promptly.  Integrity could also be shown as a health professional who models proper behaviors and lifestyle habits.  Institutions can also have integrity.

Christopher Columbus High School is a Marist school that follows in the moral code of the Marist brothers.  We promote a healthy learning environment for our students and display all of the actions we wish for them to employ.  Faculty and staff are kind and caring; they act in accordance with the policies and procedures of the school.  In this respect, Columbus has high integrity.  Referencing the quote, it is no surprise why Columbus is such a successful institution.

Your exercise routine and lifestyle habits should also have high integrity.  Unless you have a personal trainer or training partner, exercise is usually a solitary battle.  You must practice what you preach and act in accordance with what you believe is correct.  Far too often do people lose motivation and end their exercise routine because no one is holding them accountable.  This is where integrity comes into play.  You should hold yourself accountable and relish in the benefits of the high standards you set.

Once again, I know that I’ve been slacking in the blog posts, but I have been keeping up with other aspects of my professional and social responsibilities.  I am sure that the people reading this are doing the same.  Continue your exercise routine.  Continue living and interacting with others in a benevolent manner. Always remember to act in accordance with your morals and values.

Practice integrity and success is imminent.